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Embodied Anatomy: 4-day Immersion is offered yearly (usually in August) and co-facilitated by Liam Bowler, LMP BCSI. The form of this class always evolves and deepens. Though the next one is still in the works, you can read our 2019 class description:


create perceptual 

depth in your movement & bodywork practice

This 4-day advanced training — set in a gorgeous, deep forest retreat center — is for bodyworkers and movement therapists who want to inhabit the knowledge of human anatomy, and its application in body-centered touch and movement therapies, more completely.


We will learn the architecture of a living body in 3-D: fascia and muscles, membranes and fluids, organs and nerves. We’ll also use this anatomy to explore the science of perception — how to touch, how to move, how to speak in a way that transforms the inner world of the persons in our care.

you are perfect for this workshop if

  • You are bodyworker interested in movement disciplines

  • You are a mover interested in better hands-on skills

  • You want to help your clients discover and inhabit their bodies more fully

  • You have encountered the limits of standard anatomical models for the body

  • You are interested in the science of embryology, fascia, interoception, and embodied cognition

  • You feel a call to take your current practice to its next level — to integrate touch-work, movement and imagery more coherently and powerfully

each day of this training includes
  • Classroom time including lecture and hands-on activities to help you precisely inhabit anatomy in a 3-dimensional, functional way

  • A spectrum of movement practices — some invigorating and challenging, some more cooling, subtle, relaxing, and lots in between — that will build off each other, and build off the anatomy you'll be learning

  • Hands-on palpation and perception exercises: understanding structures and fascial architecture through your hands

  • Case-based learning to scale your work to your client perceptual abilities ––from subtle to dense, micro to macro, static to dynamic, practical to playful

  • Time to metabolize the information: via guided journaling exercises, and downtime to walk, sit or spend with your classmates and instructors

  • Optional evening discussions and Q + A time

  • Mealtimes, with the option of having some or all of your meals prepared by the excellent cook staff at Mosswood Hollow (they're a small, family-run retreat space, and their food is excellent, mostly local)

you will leave this training with
  • 26 continuing education hours for licensed healthcare professionals

  • Greater anatomical clarity: Seeing and palpating structures in others, and feeling them move in yourself

  • A variety of techniques to help you, and those in your care, access various levels of embodiment

  • A better understanding of the methods of perception — outside in, inside up and cortex down — and the relative usefulness and limitations of those lenses in a therapeutic setting

  • A plan to apply this new knowledge to your current practice

  • Probably some great professional connections and, quite possibly, some solid friendships)

logistics & about the retreat center

This registration cost is the cost of tuition only. You may also wish to purchase lodging and meals at Mosswood Hollow, thus giving yourself a more full, immersive retreat experience.

Mosswood Hollow is a simple, gorgeous little retreat center run by a really cool and kind family.

  • Check out Mosswood Hollow — pictures and their sweet story — HERE

  • And ... register for lodging and meal options for our retreat HERE

  • There's a hot tub is available for our use

  • Camping is one of the lodging options available for staying at Mosswood Hollow

  • There is a big yurt where we'll be holding most of the sessions, and you can camp inside this structure if you'd like! Of course, we'd like you to clear all your stuff well to the side, if not outside (space depending), before we start each day

  • There is a small refrigerator and a hot plate and microwave on the back porch we can use. There is not a full kitchen

  • We are welcome to bring camp stoves for outdoor use

  • If cooking for yourself, dishes will have to be done outside or in the bathrooms

NOTE: Staying at the retreat center IS NOT REQUIRED to take part in the training––though we're encouraging it for a more full, immersive experience. Treat yo’self!

date & registration


TBA in Summer 2021



TBA in Washington State


payment & cancellation

Tuition is due in full upon registration, and can be done above or, if you'd prefer to eschew the credit card fee, please send an email for an address to mail a check to.

Given the limited space for this class, we ask that you commit to attending when you sign up. Within 2 weeks of the class, we will retain 50% of tuition. Cancellations within 2 weeks will not be refunded. If you can find someone to take your spot, that’s fine with us (tho’ we’ll miss you!).

If it’s a true emergency that comes up, please let us know and we’ll work with you. (The point of this is not punishment, just equal opportunity for a limited-space workshop!)


more questions?

Feel free to either message one or both of us here — or because if you have a question, someone else probably does too — you could post it on the Facebook event page and we’ll answer there.

And we're looking forward to having you in class if it's a good fitTHANKS

Cheers, Michael and Liam


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