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Headaches are complex behaviors of the trigeminal system that rise into consciousness from many sources. To navigate the head’s nerves with clarity, to calm the acute pain, and to shift the trigeminal system toward healthier patterns -- these are the aims of this class.



info and skills covered

  • Primer on contemporary Pain Science

  • Principles of a ‘Neurofascial’ approach to manual therapy.

    • What can be sensed and modulated by the therapist in session?

    • What are the physiological needs of peripheral nerves, and how do they behave when those needs are disrupted?

    • Types of nerve-fascia interface and why they matter for assessment/treatment.

  • Building the Map: The Trigeminal System & Associated Neurofascia

    • Innervation of the skin, muscles, vessels, and meninges of the head and upper neck.

    • The Trigeminocervical Nucleus: What it does, what it wants, and whom it listens to.

  • Five Domains of TMD Assessment:  Spatial, Functional, Temporal, Emotional, Inflammatory

  • Manual Techniques:  Direct, Indirect, & Rhythmic

  • INTRAORAL Manual Therapy:  Hygiene, Communication, & Treatment Principles

  • Longer Term Headache Rehabilitation:  Freedom, Awareness, Connection, Play



continuing education certification

  • This 8-hour Continuing Education class is open to all healthcare practitioners licensed in Manual/Massage Therapy.

  • Other practitioners are welcome to join for the first 2 hours of class. (i.e. Movement Teachers, Allied Healthcare Practitioners, and body nerds). See "Lecture Only" ticket option.

  • Note: This class is offered at a discount when bundled with 'Neurofascial Approach to Jaw Pain'. Both classes combine for a WA state intraoral certification. 

upcoming classes


Saturday October 3rd

9AM - 6PM



Good Shepherd Center

4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Suite 202

Seattle WA 98103


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