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mapping the soma, part 1

about the course

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Pain regulation, motor learning, emotional homecoming, creative insight -- these are all reasons to tune into bodily experience.

But somatic practitioners know that simply amplifying the senses is not enough: We need to build a map to journey into ourselves, to regulate and eventually challenge ourselves to grow. Once created, a map lets us come to a safe and generative relationship with ourselves and others.

In this unique 4-hour experiential workshop -- takeable online or in-person -- bodyworkers, psychotherapists, mindfulness teachers, and therapeutic movement specialists will gain powerful skills for applying multisensory imagery and metaphor to facilitate healing and transformation.

Drawing upon insights from neuroscience, phenomenology, and somatic movement therapies, we will investigate how the brain constructs embodied experience and how that experience can be modulated and transformed. Through a dynamic mix of lecture, discussion, and guided exercises, we'll build a framework for using embodied imagery effectively and ethically.


Our clients who experience chronic pain, dissociation, motor challenges, or creative blocks will immediately benefit from these skills:

  • Guide clients through Qi Gong and "small dance" practices to enhance sensory awareness of gravity, ground, and self

  • Use somatic imagery techniques to engage the central axis and related structures

  • Lead imaginal meditations that cultivate secure attachment and a friendly relationship with the "space/void" element

  • Facilitate embryological movement and visualization to promote synchrony and emergence

  • Integrate time/continuity with space/form through "dancing the image" practices

  • Help clients move from different layers and centers of initiation, inspired by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's work

  • Bridge language, sound, and space through vocal practices

  • Apply yield/push/reach/pull patterns based on developmental movement and attachment theory

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting your mind-body career, this workshop will deepen your understanding of how somatic maps can open up new possibilities for healing and wholeness.

Come prepared to move, explore, and expand your own embodied horizons! This workshop is part 1 of a 2-part series, with part 1 more focused on mapping the self, and part 2 aimed at exploring relational space.

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continuing education certification


  • This 4-hour Continuing Education class is open to open to all practitioners of movement, somatics, mindfulness, and physical medicine

NOTE: All virtual classes have a 'live' option, or can be viewed on your own time. All attendees will receive pre-class content, live class recording, supplementary materials, and a follow-up quiz for CE credit.

upcoming classes

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Saturday June 29, 2024

10am - 2pm

class format

In-person with Live Streamed option for Virtual Attendees

physical location

Good Shepherd Center

4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Ste 300

Seattle, WA 98103

class format

Once registered, attendees will:

  • receive pre-class videos via email to watch in preparation

  • class (live or in-person)      (10am-2pm) 
    attend class which includes the above lecture and a hands-on demo/practice session. A Zoom link will be provided for those joining online. A recording of the session will be provided at the end of class

  • receive a follow-up quiz to grant you a Continuing Education Certificate for completion

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