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about the course

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There is increasing evidence that a skilled and discerning manual therapist can make a big difference in the healing process after surgery.  Whether it is early outcomes like pain relief or mood regulation, or later boosts to daily function, we have a role to play.  

But there is also a greater risk in the weeks and months post-surgery.  Many of us lack specific knowledge about operative procedures and their stages of healing, nor do we often get proactive referrals from surgeons.  The only way this can change -- and it should change for our patients' sake -- is if we equip ourselves with contemporary models of surgical recovery and how we can safely help.

Join veteran manual therapist and teacher Michael Hamm LMT CCST in this fun and integrative day of post-surgical theory and methods.  You are perfect for this class if you have a solid background in manual therapy methods, decent anatomical knowledge, and direct clinical experience in integrative healthcare teams.


  • Surgeons & Manual TherapistsCan we speak a common language?

  • Evidence review for MT post-surgery: What we know and don't

  • How can we help: Key principles of clinical strategy

  • Orthopedic Surgery: Types of Incision/Approach, Hardware, Fibrous tissue repair, Joint revisions/replacements, nerve health

  • Visceral SurgerySutures, Serous membranes, Adhesions, Immune Activity

  • Peripheral NeurosurgeryTunnel releases, grafts/transfers, the spinal cavity, and its malcontents

  • Cancer Surgery: Biopsies, Tumor removal, Special considerations

  • Wrap-up: Working and learning within the healthcare team



continuing education certification


  • This 3-hour Online Continuing Education class is open to all clinicians, movement teachers, somatic educators, and artists.


  • This 5-hour Continuing Education class is open to all clinicians, movement teachers, somatic educators, body nerds and artists.


Both meet the WA state CE requirements for physical therapy and massage therapy.​

NOTE: All virtual classes have a 'live' option, or can be viewed on your own time.All attendees will receive pre-class content, live class recording, supplementary materials, and a follow-up quiz for CE credit.


ONLINE ONLY TICKET: Participate in a live or recorded zoom class (11am-1pm) with lecture, demo, and QA session.IN-PERSON TICKET: Attend the morning lecture in-person, plus an additional 3 hours (2pm-5pm) of hands-on demo + practice time (limited to 6 tickets).

upcoming classes

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Saturday December 2nd

11:00AM - 4:00PM In Person

11:00AM - 1:00PM Online

class format

In-Person (5 CEs) and

Online (3 CEs)


physical location

Good Shepherd Center

4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Ste 300

Seattle, WA 98103

class format

There are two methods for attending this class: virtually and physically. Please read the ticket descriptions during checkout and choose the best option for yourself.

Once registered, attendees will:

  • receive pre-class videos via email to watch in preparation

  • option 1: virtual (11am-1pm)
    a Zoom link will be provided for a livestreamed class with lecture, demo, and QA session


  • option 2: in-person (11am-5pm) 
    attend class which includes the above lecture, a 1 hour lunch break, and a 3 hour hands-on demo/practice session 


  • receive a follow-up quiz to grant you a Continuing Education Certificate for completion

related content

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