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Try this — before a walk or run, take a few minutes to massage just one of your feet. Then see how your body moves and feels. You are likely to feel a difference between the sides, not just in the foot, but in all the places under that foot’s influence. Which turns out to be many places.


A combination of structural behavior and neurofascial self-regulation causes the foot to be a dynamic bridge between body and ground. How does the brain integrate foot sensation with walking/running? How does the nervous system regular inflammation and blood flow in the foot?


What should be done when these systems functions poorly?


That’s what this hands-on class covers: The nerves and neural behavior of the foot and how these interact with its mechanics. We will also learn some useful principles for assessment & treatment of the foot.



info and skills covered

  • What is ‘health’ in this system? Principles of neurofascial physiology

  • What can go wrongCommon conditions viewed through a neurofascial lens

  • Movement Experiments: Foot anatomy & mechanics

  • Palpation:  Innervation & Inflammatory behavior of the foot

  • Generally useful Assessment & Treatment Techniques with a neurofascial aim


continuing education certification


  • This 2.5-hour Continuing Education class is open to all healthcare practitioners licensed in Manual/Massage Therapy


NOTE: THIS VERSION IS ONLINE ONLY, but entitles you to attend a later in-person component (typically held in Seattle, WA)

You can expect the following to successfully complete the class​:

  • Watch two 10-15 minute pre-videos prior to class

  • Attend a live 1.75 hour web class with lecture, demo, and QA session (link provided via email post-registration). A recording of the session will be provided at the end of class.

    • To participate you will need a phone or a webcam-enabled computer, and be available to participate in a focused way during the live class.

  • Complete a follow-up quiz to grant you a Continuing Education certificate



  • This 8-hour Continuing Education class is open to all healthcare practitioners licensed in Manual/Massage Therapy

  • Other practitioners are welcome to join for the first 2 hours of class. (i.e. Movement Teachers, Allied Healthcare Practitioners, and body nerds)

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