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we are seeking a
marketing/communications lead

~6-8 hrs / wk, $20-22/hr depending on experience

Help our small health education project -- Integrative Bodywork Education -- grow its reach by managing public-facing communications, maintaining back-end platforms, and refining a values-driven marketing strategy. The ideal candidate will meet the professional requirements and embody our team's values below.


Community Engagement (Social Media, Email)

  • Monitor message inboxes 2-3x/week, sort incoming messages for form replies or special replies by Admin

  • Manage & amplify social media campaigns (relating to upcoming classes, livestreams, newsletters, video releases, etc.)

  • Promote & Help plan Weekly-ish Free Livestream

  • Create Monthly Newsletter

Outreach & Growth

  • Create brand awareness by finding and regularly engaging with social media accounts of allied professionals, organizations, and networks/channels

  • Develop (with Mike) high-value partnerships for podcast/webcast interviews, conference speakerships, teaching collaborations, etc.

  • Analyze the performance of social posts, videos, and email campaigns and refine marketing/promotional strategies


Backend Communications Admin

  • Enact changes to website (Wix platform + simple HTML)

  • Maintain Backend Linkages between Mailchimp / Eventbrite / Wix / Facebook

  • Schedule & format social media posts in Hootsuite

skills & experience
  • Clear writer & communicator

  • Organized & able to work in a small team

  • Experience in executing successful marketing campaigns with targeted goals/ROI

  • Basic facility with back-end web platforms (e.g. Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Wix, Eventbrite)

  • Prior experience/interest in Healthcare & Wellness fields

  • BONUS: Prior knowledge of basic HTML for static design edits

Key Indicators of Performance (first 4-6 months)

  • Increase Course attendance by 5-15 attendees / workshop. (from ~20 avg to ~30 avg)

  • Increase Media follows from ~5k (FB) and ~1k (Youtube) to > 7k and 2k, respectively

  • Develop a robust Content Strategy / Workflow with Mike and Admin for streamlining future teaching efforts

our team values

​We embody our teaching principles in all public communications

  • We create a welcoming, curious, and honest space for learning

  • We ground ourselves in scientific evidence and lived experience

  • Our media outreach is centered on mini-lessons, vivid visuals, and meaningful questions

​We are committed to each other’s growth in the workplace.

  • We welcome co-workers of every ethnicity, cognitive style, body form, and gender expression

  • We strive to give and receive honest, actionable feedback about our work

  • We maintain an awareness of the overall project, and continually refine our collaborations

We focus on building Community over Audience

  • We periodically engage our followers / attendees in evolving our offerings via surveys and informal discussions

  • We create opportunities for motivated students to contribute content / discussion / moderation

  • We strive to humanize the science we teach, by centering the scientists, conferences, and collaborations that pertain most powerfully to bodywork and embodied practice